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Direct To Consumer Genetic Testing - What Now?

Luxe Women’s Health, LLC. in Queen Creek, Arizona is a 5-star rated medical practice that aims to equip our women patients and their loved ones with up to date information on women’s health issues that are important.  As an industry leader in our field, our team wants to share with the public available resources that are reliable.  Our medical practice promises to stay informed and to share what we learn on demand so that you can make the best most informed decisions and be proactive about your health. 


One of the most popular topics and trends in women’s health today involves the direct to consumer market for genetic testing.  Sometimes this adventure leads individuals down a path that unveils unexpected outcomes, leaving questions and often times, fear.   If this describes your situation or your loved ones, then please share this insight from the CDC located here on how to deal with the expected or unexpected results of a DTC genetic testing home kit.



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